My Favorite Websites

Posted on April 15, 2014 · Posted in Business, Gear, Inspiration, Websites

Here are my daily reads from the internet, in no particular order. I do actually look at all of these websites almost every single day. I have never taken to RSS readers. I honestly like opening websites like little christmas presents.

If you like Macs, bikes, tech, or photography, then take a click or two through these sites. Sharing these is like sharing a piece of my soul. :)


  • MacRumors – the best source for Mac rumors and news
  • AppleInsider – the SECOND best source of rumors, and some good editorial content from Daniel Dilger
  • Daring Fireball – John Gruber’s take on Apple, tech and the world is so great. Subscribe to his podcast “The Show” too.
  • The Loop – Jim Dalrymple is such a cool dude, and his blog shows it. Also, check out “The Magazine” for iOS.


  • Engadget – keeping up with new stuff
  • Uncrate – speaking of new stuff… this is the coolest and most ‘spensive stuff around.
  • The Verge – the best tech, science and cyber site there is. This is what Wired used to be.

Bikes (bicycles, not motorcycles)


  • Autoblog – I love cars. I love this site.
  • Road & Track – still the best automotive print magazine. The website is crashy on iPad though.
  • Jalopnik – the car website for those of us who cannot afford our dream cars.


The New Orleans Saints