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Jambanz photo shoot

Posted on July 7, 2014 · Posted in Photography

As a visual artist and designer, photography has always been a large part of my work. Whether for research for a client project, or just taking photos for pleasure, I have found photography to be one of the more enjoyable aspects of my career.

So why am I posting about this now? Well, most of my clients aren’t aware that I am a photographer as well as a designer. That doesn’t mean that I recommend myself as a photographer for every job or every client. In fact, quite the opposite. It simply means that if there is a need for photography, and the conditions and budget are right, I can get the job done.

Since my partnership in the Jambanz product line, I have been serving as a one-man advertising agency, building websites, designing packaging and logos and taking all of the photos. Recently, I did a nice photo shoot of first-time model, Zita Beaucoudray, who simply killed it! Zita was a terrific model, and made my job so much easier. She struck every pose perfectly, the first time asked. It was a fun early morning shoot, and I came away very pleased with the results.

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