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John Barousse. Firm Principle and Creative Director

John Barousse portrait

Experience matters.

John Barousse has been a creative director and graphic designer for print and websites for over 20 years. He has owned his own design practice, John Barousse Design, Inc., since 1993. John has been a frequent consultant, collaborator and designer for schools, hospitals, insurance companies, non-profits and entrepreneurs.

John’s areas of strength include branding/logo design, web design, print collateral design and publication design. He has done work for Tabasco, Peoples Health, East Jefferson General Hospital, and Tulane University, along with many private elementary and secondary schools.

John is a creative problem solver, information architect, technology enthusiast and team builder. He has the ability to work with senior business minds to help articulate a brand to their customers through design that is both original and compelling. He is an effective “energizer,” not only in his work product, but in his work ethic and style, and he has the ability to draw teams together to share in ideas and ownership.